/* a few years back, a fire had broken out in my building at the wee-hour of midnight and witnessing this unfortunate event gave me a  chance to write this poem!  hope you’re able to connect with my experience:)! thankyou  */

The Darkest Night
Not A Pinch Of Light
Flame And Fire In Sight
Enters A Noisy Truck
Residents Are Struck
In The Cold Silence
Just A Spark Of Haynes
The Charcoal Smoke
In Stress People Flock

Step In The Men In Red
In Quick Pace, They Fled
Hearing The Cries
Fear Of Fire Flies
Then The Flow Of Water
Began With Force
Every Obstacle It Could Slaughter
Cooling The Heated Coarse

The Wind Blew By
The Deep Sleep Die
These Three Elements
Dominated The Human Components
Fierce-fullness Of Mother Nature
Diminish The Power Of Fellow Creature


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