Tell Me What To Do
When The Things Turn Blue
Standing In The Dark Room
Facing A Painful Doom
From The Days Of Glory To This Dim Phase
Leads To A Feeling Of Getting Dazed
When The Ray Of Hope Begins To Fade
It Almost Shatters The Dreams We Made

When The Things Turn Blue
Facing It Is All I Do
As Weeping, Repenting Seems A Waste Of Time,
Hoping This Downfall Will Help Me To Shine,
Push The Gear And Opening My Eyes
Making Me Focused And Highly Determined

Thus Positive Energy Begins To Flow
When The Things Have Errors, Don’t Feel Low
Take A Moment
Take A Breath
You Are Still To Reach To Reach The Gate Of Death!
So Till That Time, Do Not Whine
Work On The Things That Made You Wrong,
And This Will Make You Even More Strong

So Now When The Things Turn Blue,
Lighting A Candle Of Faith In A Dark Room,
Is All That You And Me Have To Do………..



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