/* Not a usual Poetry Post. But Something which is very special to me */.

“We often tend to ignore the ones who affect our life in a major way and  little do we know that a  CONSIDERATION to them would brighten up our life further.

So here is my part of consideration for my someone significant  !”

And that person is my twin-sister , who has been hovering , tampering , hammering in and around me! 

Born on the same day , in the same hospital , from the very same mother does recount for the beginning of my life .

And that ’15 minutes’ of age gap doesn’t alter my purpose of living but makes it a memorable one. 

We were born inheriting the daily aspect ,  not daily but that inbuilt aspect of sharing which came to us from the day our existence was registered;

From mother’s womb to birthday cakes , chocolates , clothes , books, bedroom and what not. Everything was to be shared. So, the life with a twin is equivalent to a ‘half life’ because everything you receive   is always halved.

Thus my journey from day one has been a perfect application of ‘buy 1 get 1 free offer’. Childhood days were such. 

Now, let me jump on to my quarter hourly elder sister. She’s bossy, mature, dominant and all the attributes that portray her to being an elder sibling.

Being with her comprises of
* ADVICES- that come pouring when we least expect them to.
*BOSSY-passing orders and making you feel none other than that helpless waiter at a restaurant
*RUDE REMARKS- (although the most honest ones) always unwelcome-d ,dis-heartening.

Imagine being subdued by someone like this.

But as the time flew, there was a total diversion from being: foe to friends.
The best of friends I tell you 😀
She’s been simply awesome, I am at loss of words now to express my LOVE (which is safely hidden In my heart by the fear of it get stolen if I pen  it down here).

So lastly, my life might not be the extra-ordinary one but it’s not an ordinary either.
A few are blessed with a similar-looking and dissimilar-behaving sibling.

Thus my sister isn’t that bad; (as I professed she’s the best).

But she’s the one who has always been with me , through thick and through thin and unavoidably my birthdays’ too (more like, our birthday)
She is and has always been the best thing to have ever happened to me.



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