Author’s Corner

Hey Friends! This Is Sakshi ! Some Of You May Know Me Some Of You Do Not 

But Irrespective Of That

 I Heartily Welcome You All To Skies~Of~Sakshi 

And This Blog Offers You The Best Of My Creations! 

People Say That There Has To Be Some Way To Vent Out One’s Emotions , It Might Be Crying , Speaking , Listening To Music And The List Is Endless ;
For Me It Sums Up In Writing.

Writing Poetry Is More Like An Expression To Me Than A Passion Or A Hobby. 

And Thoughts Come To Me In Form Of Inspiration Derived From Various Sources , Big Or Small

Sometimes I Get Carried Away With These Thoughts So Much That I Forget The Purpose With Which I Started It. 

But Then As It Goes By The Saying , One Isn’t Perfect In Every way , Isn’t It?

But Wait?

Why Am I Telling You All This?

The Answer Is Simple Only So That You Could Connect To Me More Deeply And Understand My Words More Clearly.

Highs And Lows , Dullness And Motivation , Nostalgia And Future Dreams.

Every Sentiment Has Its Own Set Of Rhymes Here

Do Give It A Look 

  • If You Want Me To Write Something, On A Topic Of Your Choice , I Would Readily And Willingly Do It

         Send Me An Email With Details 🙂 

  • Id: Sakshi.Pkt@Gmail.Com 
  • My Mentor – Biswajit Debnath 

Thank you ,





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