Indifferent Minds!

Indifferent Minds!

There are some unspoken words ,
There is a whole new different world,
In my mind ,
You would find ,
An unbalanced mixture,
And various other texture,

I know, 

A new day brings new thoughts,
But, the old ones are yet to sought ,
They’re still lying there,
They’re still bothering me,
I’ve to let them free.

Attain some tranquility,
Add a little stability,

Because an empty mind
Is a devil’s home,

Everyone out there shares the same story ,
There’s no difference left anymore.


The Search.

The Search.

I see a face.
I see your face,
There I trace ,
Bits and pieces of myself,
The pieces of my heart,
From where should I start?

You know , people change.
But, everyone I’ve met is strange.
Different in their own say,
A little similar in my way.

Are they really different?
Or are they really like me?
In them ,
Bits and pieces of myself I see.

The search never stops.
The curiosity never drops.
The answer lies at your entrance.
The purpose of your existence.

One Day

One Day

There Would Be A Day ,

When Our Voices Will Be Lost,

There Would Be A Night,

Which Will Take Away The Sight,

But There Comes A Time ,

 When You Will Rhyme,

Turn Into A Poetry ,

Turn Into A Masterpiece.

That Is When You Will Find Yourself ,

Immersed In The Magical World ,

Of Syllables And Words,

Life Will Turn You Into A Poet,

Or You Will Become Someone’s Poetry.

 One Day.


Breaking The Monotony.

Breaking The Monotony.


So Bored, So High,

All I’ve Got To Do Is Sigh,


Thinking About

Those Old Times,

Those Suppressed Cries,

Those Unsung Rhymes,

Pondering Over What Went Wrong?

I Don’t Want To Be A Part Of The Throng.


There’s This Constant Battle,

I Can Hear My Heart Rattle,

Pushing Me Up,

To Do Something Wise,

Because I Have To Rise,

To Lift Those Fellows

Who Have Been All Yellow, 

With Fear, With Pain,

Because I Have Been The Same,

Somewhere It Was Just Me,

Walking In Your Shoes,

And Breathe.

A Fairytale.

A Fairytale.

How can I run away from my past ,
How can I be so fast ,

It’s not easy to forget ,
It’s not easy to melt ,
Images of the snow clad mountains,
Memories of the untold fairy tales.

P.S. : Travelling to Ladakh has been one of the most wonderful experiences that i have.  I cannot  express what I felt in just few words, But for now words all I have to tell you that the place is worthy. Take some time out of your busy schedule and just once visit LEH to rejuvenate. And it’s exactly six months to when I visited that place.


Do You See That Moonlit Sky ?
Do You Miss The Stars And Sigh?
Those Stars Are Nowhere To Be Seen , 
Have You Started Forgetting It’s Gleam,
The Bright Moon’s Light , 
Illuminates The Darkened Night,
But You Still Miss The Stars ? 
Don’t You?
Remembering It’s Tiny Marks. 
The Moonlit Sky Seems Too Bright,
To See, 
In The Hours So Wee ,
I Think ,
How Life Would Be ?
Without The Darkness ? 
Without The Stars ?
But Then,
I Recollect ,
In The Darkness ,
Shines The Star.


The Silence Around,
The Quietness Surrounds,
I Can Hear My Heart Beating,
It Is  Very Soothing,

This Muteness Kills Me No More, 
I’ve Been Waiting At The Shore,
Waiting For This Silent Ship,
All The Havoc It Zips,
Let The Doors Remain Close ,
Let The Soundlessness Pose ,
For A While , Let It Be Quiet ,

I Like It This Way,
Being Isolated Away ,
In My Own World , With My Own Thoughts ,
Because Too Much I Have Fought ,
With My Words , With My Speech
Noiseless In This Arena ,
I Found Eternal Peace.