Your Birth Does Not Define,

That Your Deeds Are Refined, 

Or Your Acts Are Defiled,

It’s You Who Make Your Presence Count,

Only With Those Efforts So Sound,

When That Fire Elevates,

Some Are Burned And Others Escalate,


You’re Born With A Heart

To Make An Accurate Start,

And Blessed With A Brain,

To Handle The Flooding Rains,


You Are Not Born With That Breath,

You Are Not Born With That Sight,

It’s Only Your Accomplishments That Can Make You Right.


It’s Me – Always :)

It’s Me – Always :)

Why Always Me?
Yea It’s Always Me

It’s Me Who Suffers All The Time
But In The End, The Things Always Rhyme
It’s Me Who Have To Sacrifice
But That’s The Thing That Made Me Rise

It’s Me Who Always Have To Forgive And Forget
And That’s The Thing That Made My Mind-Set
It Was Me Who Was Always Left Alone
And That’s The Thing That Saved Me From Moan!

So Here I Am Thankful For All The Mess-Up Scenery
That Always Resulted In Pleasantly Greenie

Now Whenever I Think ” Why Always Me
My Heart Silently Answers  It’s Always Been Me!

To be there!

To be there!

I want to be there
My thoughts i would share
Speaking, teaching and expressing
Waking sleepy minds by words inspiring
Untangling people’s complication
Helping them to fasten their motion

Give me a chance to stand up and speak
And I’ll take you to the highest peak
Of gaining happiness and smiles
Because that distance isn’t measured in miles,
Holding glances of everyone
Brightening young mind’s  like the sun

So you never know these words come from where
Because that’s the place and i want to be there

Lost to fate.

Lost to fate.

I come to a land,
Where I can’t stand,
This is not the place I thought,
For which I had intently fought,

Partly by the pressure,
I am  away from my treasure
Partly because of my own act
My journey seems to be intact
Even before it started
It feels like it has ended

Far and far away from my road,
My heart carries a heavy load
As this path downpours my ecstasy,
Is it really paved for my destiny?

Together with dreams

Together with dreams

dreams and despair,
Are not a good wear,
Dreams accompanied by a chest of hope,
And it will really help us to cope,

Dreams and infidelity
Is just like fragments of isolated gritty,
Dreams having a greater belief,
Will nurture nature’s newest leaf,

Dreams and a craven heart,
Will stop you from the start
Deams carrying a valiant dart,
Always creates a historic part,

But dreams and only dreams
Is a day dreamer’s realm!!!!