A Fairytale.

A Fairytale.

How can I run away from my past,
How can I be so fast,

It’s not easy to forget,
It’s not easy to melt,
Images of the snow-clad mountains,
Memories of the untold fairy tales.

P.S.: Travelling to Ladakh has been one of the most wonderful experiences that I have.  I cannot express what I felt in just a few words, But for now words all I have to tell you that the place is worth a visit. Take some time out of your busy schedule and just once visit LEH to rejuvenate. And it’s exactly six months to when I visited that place.




My recent visit to this place,

And there I see such a different face.

A totally varied lifestyle,

I lived a part of it, in that little while.

Life in mountains, Life is mundane,

But there’s a beauty,

In this simplicity.

Life in Mumbai.

Life in Mumbai.


A Retreat From The World So Wide,

Going On A Hustling Ride,

With The Rising Sun ,

People Start Their Run ,

Boarding The Fast Locals ,

Stepping On A New Journey

Everyday ,

Travelling With “To And Fro” Sways ,

Stepping Down

With The Crowd ,

Making The Platform

Wear A Shroud,

As The Day Ascends ,

With The Mob ,

He Descends,

To His Respective Workplace,

Working With The Fastest Pace,

At The Evening Hour,

Having A Sweaty Shower,

Going Home To Find An Empty House,

Untidy, Un-Organized, Infected By Mouse,

The Four Walls Are Not Maintained,

Closing The Doors, He Has Wailed,

A Thousand Times,

His Silent Cries,

The Life In This City

Is Eating Him Up,

He Has Always Filled His Cup,

With Distress,

With Sadness,

And Thus,

 Fails To See The Beauty Which Lies ,

In Mumbai ,

With Every Setting Sun , There’s A Rise.