A year’s contemplation!

A year’s contemplation!

A year is a funny thing. It is like a checkpoint in our life which we accomplish in a particular frame of time.

Every year is different. There is not even a single similarity in the 70, 80, 90 or 100 years that you live. Everything is different.

This year though rung indifferently as well. For me, at least. The year- 2018.

To the people who know me well, know that I don’t like parties. I don’t like the concept of drinking over and dancing at a random place amidst loud music.  On 31st December 2017 and 1st January 2018, I was at one such party.

2018 has been the year of giving in. I don’t think I’ve received much of what I’ve given to the universe in this year.

There are countless memories that I’ve made. There have been a lot of lows and highs too.

But the most legitimate thing that existed in 2018 is uncertainty. The transition of 2018 from being engaged into many things to being jobless, studying, sulking and going through all of this has been different.

I will not say that this hasn’t happened to me in the past. It certainly has. The feeling of uncertainty has been an occasional visitor. But previously, it didn’t matter. Life went on and brought me some amazing experiences. Maybe, now too, life will go on.   

As we grow older, we learn. Learning is a continuous process. Learning how to face challenges is one of the hardest things but we learn it anyway.

I haven’t penned down my reflection of every year but Colleen Ballinger’s YouTube video gave me the inspiration to do so.

This insight into my life is filled with ambiguity and generic-ness and might not interest every one of you, but I hope at some point you (the reader) relate to it.

2018 was hard. 2019 will be harder. 2020 will be the hardest. You never know.

But all these years, you still keep standing. Having faith and hope in your heart, accepting the change and finally being happy.

Contemplating about all the things that have happened in the past 365 days, makes me feel a lot better.  

Breathing and thinking that everything will be alright.

Lastly, I wish all the readers a very happy new year.   




A Fairytale.

A Fairytale.

How can I run away from my past,
How can I be so fast,

It’s not easy to forget,
It’s not easy to melt,
Images of the snow-clad mountains,
Memories of the untold fairy tales.

P.S.: Travelling to Ladakh has been one of the most wonderful experiences that I have.  I cannot express what I felt in just a few words, But for now words all I have to tell you that the place is worth a visit. Take some time out of your busy schedule and just once visit LEH to rejuvenate. And it’s exactly six months to when I visited that place.

Life in Mumbai.

Life in Mumbai.


A Retreat From The World So Wide,

Going On A Hustling Ride,

With The Rising Sun ,

People Start Their Run ,

Boarding The Fast Locals ,

Stepping On A New Journey

Everyday ,

Travelling With “To And Fro” Sways ,

Stepping Down

With The Crowd ,

Making The Platform

Wear A Shroud,

As The Day Ascends ,

With The Mob ,

He Descends,

To His Respective Workplace,

Working With The Fastest Pace,

At The Evening Hour,

Having A Sweaty Shower,

Going Home To Find An Empty House,

Untidy, Un-Organized, Infected By Mouse,

The Four Walls Are Not Maintained,

Closing The Doors, He Has Wailed,

A Thousand Times,

His Silent Cries,

The Life In This City

Is Eating Him Up,

He Has Always Filled His Cup,

With Distress,

With Sadness,

And Thus,

 Fails To See The Beauty Which Lies ,

In Mumbai ,

With Every Setting Sun , There’s A Rise.