Do You See That Moonlit Sky ?
Do You Miss The Stars And Sigh?
Those Stars Are Nowhere To Be Seen , 
Have You Started Forgetting It’s Gleam,
The Bright Moon’s Light , 
Illuminates The Darkened Night,
But You Still Miss The Stars ? 
Don’t You?
Remembering It’s Tiny Marks. 
The Moonlit Sky Seems Too Bright,
To See, 
In The Hours So Wee ,
I Think ,
How Life Would Be ?
Without The Darkness ? 
Without The Stars ?
But Then,
I Recollect ,
In The Darkness ,
Shines The Star.


The Silence Around,
The Quietness Surrounds,
I Can Hear My Heart Beating,
It Is  Very Soothing,

This Muteness Kills Me No More, 
I’ve Been Waiting At The Shore,
Waiting For This Silent Ship,
All The Havoc It Zips,
Let The Doors Remain Close ,
Let The Soundlessness Pose ,
For A While , Let It Be Quiet ,

I Like It This Way,
Being Isolated Away ,
In My Own World , With My Own Thoughts ,
Because Too Much I Have Fought ,
With My Words , With My Speech
Noiseless In This Arena ,
I Found Eternal Peace.




A Retreat From The World So Wide,

Going On A Hustling Ride,

With The Rising Sun ,

People Start Their Run ,

Boarding The Fast Locals ,

Stepping On A New Journey

Everyday ,

Travelling With “To And Fro” Sways ,

Stepping Down

With The Crowd ,

Making The Platform

Wear A Shroud,

As The Day Ascends ,

With The Mob ,

He  Descends ,

To His Respective Workplace ,

Working With The Fastest Pace,

At The Evening Hour ,

Having A Sweaty Shower ,

Going Home To Find An Empty House ,

Untidy , Un-Organized , Infected By Mouse ,

The Four Walls Are Not Maintained  ,

Closing The Doors , He Has Wailed ,

A Thousand Times ,

His Silent Cries ,

The Life In This City

Is Eating Him Up ,

He Has Always Filled His Cup,

With Distress ,

With Sadness,

And Thus ,

 Fails To See The Beauty Which Lies ,

In Mumbai ,

With Every Setting Sun , There’s A Rise.

The True You

The True You

Thousands Of Layers On,
Concealing The Brightening Dawn,
You Depict Your Untrue Colors,
Which Makes You Even More Duller,
Not In The Eyes Of The World,
But In Your Own Heart,
When With Your True Self , You Part

And I Want To See You,
The Truthful You,
The Illuminated You,
 These Unseen Eyes Search You Everywhere,

So , Find Me In the Dark Night,
And I’ll Be Your Light,
Because How Much Ever You Try To Hide,
I Am Here To Uncover Your Windy Side.

Living And Loving.

Living And Loving.

“I Love You”.
Three Magical Words.
Which Induces Butterflies In Your Stomach .
Makes You Feel Happy .
Makes You Feel Contended.
Sometimes Unsaid . 
Or Maybe Pretended .

A Red Rose Or A Simple Hug . 
A Tear-Drop Of Joy .
That Smell Of An Old Book .
Dipping Legs In A Cold Brook.
Blowing Bubbles In The Sky.
Gazing At The Starts , Up So High

A Huge Acclamation For Your Hard Work .
Or Just A Compliment From Your Loved One.
A Satisfaction Runs Through Your Veins .
A Spark Of Determination In Your Brown Eyes ..

Love Is Where You Find It .
Love Is When You Live It.
Everyone Can Love . (You)
Because There’s Love Within. (You)
” I Found Love . (In You)
I Love. (You) ” 



Ever Stop To Think ,
And Forget To Start Again ?
Wishing For The Sun,
But Settling For The Rains,

Ever Stop To Think,
And Forget To Start Again?
Taking A Bit Longer ,
Recovering The Pain ,
That Pain Which Wouldn’t Last Long,
Will This Stagnancy Make You Strong?

Ever Stop To Think ,
And Forget To Start Again?
Don’t Let Those Efforts Go In Vain,
Remember ;
There Is A Purpose In Your Heart ,
An Aim For Your Dart,

So Start Again ,
Start Thinking,
About The Start