Words To Life

Words To Life

Life Doesn’t Stop ,

It’s We Who Drop ,

The Hope Of Living Life,

 For A Momental Strife ,

Be Patient, And Do Not Let Yourself Sink,

In The Sea Of Sorrows,

Just Sit And Think,

That Life Hasn’t Stopped,

So Why Do You Need To Drop?


Living In Hard Times Is Difficult I Know,

But That’s Called Life ,

So  Let It Flow,

Dive Into The Beauty,

Danger And Discovery ,

Search For That Door,

That Could Lead You To The Recovery,

Open Your Eyes,

And Observe The Nature ,

Because All This Time,

You Have Been A Traitor,

There Isn’t Always A Happy Ending ,

But There Would Be Memories Too,

Which Will Keep On Descending,


Therefore ,

Don’t Stop Your Life,

For A Momental Strife,

Because When Life Hasn’t Stopped,

And I Know,

You’re Not Going To Drop ,



The Legend Is You

The Legend Is You

It’s Not About How You Start
It’s All About How You End
When You Stand-up For Right And Learn To Defend
That’s When You Become A Star ,
When You Trust Your Own Heart

It’s Not About A Great Start
It’s About Pointing A Dart
Fixing An Aim & Having A Goal,
Working Towards It With Your Heart & Soul

Big Dreams With Notable Desire
Light Up A Lamp & See The Fire
Spread Across All Your Mind
That’s When You Are Going To Find
Walking On The Successful Road
So Switch On That Passionate Mode
Where You Take Slow Steps Towards Your Goal

As It Is Said
It’s Not About How You Start
It’s About How You End
And So Wind It Up Like A Legendary End 🙂



/* with the dreaded exam time around , i needed something to keep myself motivated and of course not to get bored with this studying stuff , so i came out  with this poetry which ”  all Dreamers and achievers would like to read..!”

i hope it has the same effect on you (the readers) as it had on me” */

Come what may,
This day or any other day ,
Never  give up
Keep that head of yours
Always up,

Failures may thrive ,
But that spirit should always strive,

Do what you love
Love what you do
Standing in that never ending queue,
Keeping faith ,
It may make you late ,
But will offer an experience ,
And take away your grievance

So come what may,
This day or any other day
Never ever give up,
Keep your head held up,
#’HIGH’ !

“to be THERE”

“to be THERE”

I want to be there
My thoughts i would share
Speaking, teaching and expressing
Waking sleepy minds by words inspiring
Untangling people’s complication
Helping them to fasten their motion

Give me a chance to stand up and speak
And I’ll take you to the highest peak
Of gaining happiness and smiles
Because that distance isn’t measured in miles,
Holding glances of everyone
Brightening young mind’s  like the sun

So you never know these words come from where
Because that’s the place and i want to be there

Together with dreams

Together with dreams

dreams and despair ,
Are not a good wear,
Dreams accompanied by a chest of hope,
And it will really helps us to cope,

Dreams and infidelity
Is just like fragments of isolated gritty,
Dreams having a greater belief ,
Will nurture nature’s newest leaf,

Dreams and a craven heart ,
Will stop you from the start
Deams carrying a valiant dart,
Always creates a historic part,

But dreams and only dreams
Is a day dreamer’s realm!!!!

Welcoming Change

Welcoming Change

Things aren’t the same as before,
I wish it would last some more
But as the winds blew by,
I look above at the changing sky,

It made me realise that it is the time,
To change over the route or only whine,
On the earlier times
When you were by my side,

It takes so short to dream and aim,
But things wouldn’t be the same ,
As i realise the colour change ,
And thus collapses the imaginary range,
That was build on skies ,
That was build on a base ,
But i still craved for the grace,
Even when i knew this wouldn’t last,
But i really needed to aim soo vast ,
Without fearing about the bound ,
And in this deed i found,

Myself a little more stronger ,
Enduring the pain a little longer ,
As i knew i was no-way wrong
But i never knew i was soo strong!