No One’s A Loser

No One’s A Loser

When We Lose, We Are Not The Looser,
We Contribute Our Victory,
To The Winner,

When We Give-Up,
Somewhere Someone’s Head Rises-Up,
When There’s A Setback,
We Gently Put Our Patience Into Their Sack,
When Our Night Falls,
On Them, A Dawn Would Befall,
Which Provides Them With The Morning Light,
Only From Our Dark – Deprived Sight,

Dare You Call Us A Loser,
We’ve Contributed To That Winner,
By Taking Away His Failure,
And In That Lies A Real Valor.


Earth Away From Earth

Earth Away From Earth

/* EARTH DAY : Celebrated On 22nd Of April Every Year Where Events Worldwide Are Held To Demonstrate Support For Environmental Protection But This Poem Is Not About Nature Or Mother Earth But On Equally Significant Platform Which Needs To Be Highlighted As Equally As An Environmental Protection Act .    So Yes, Its EQUALITY. Tried To Do Something Out Of The Box. Hope You Like It 🙂 */

A New Earth Found, 
Just Some Suitable Ground,
A Discovery Profound,
But What About The ‘Original’,
Reflects As Whole , But  Divided As Regional,

Together People Stay,
But Differently They Pray,
On The Same Land They Play,
But Dig Dissimilar Grave,
Maybe From The Heart They Are One,
But ‘Selfishness’ Has Contributed in Wiping Out The Fun,

Equally Human Is Born,
But Diverse Lifestyle Is Drawn,

If This Is Earth‘s Condition,
How Will We Go On A Unknowing Expeditions;

United We Should Remain ,
Or Else Where-Ever We’ll Go,
Nothing Will Be Gained,

Variety Of Crops Grown,
But Eat A Single Grain,
Bodies Are Different,
Souls Should Be Same,

Earth Away From Earth, 
Hatred And Greediness Dearth,
Earth Near The Earth,
Lying On Equality’s Berth!