Awakening the Exile

Awakening the Exile

Let Me Be Little For A While ,

Let Me Live My Life In Exile ,

Loneliness Is Keeping Me A Company ,

Because  I Really Desire

Its Silent Symphony ;

This Piece Of Time ,

I Need It For A While ,

Spending It With Nature ,

Admiring Its Features ,

Away From Everyone ,

I Am Listening To Someone,

Singing A Soulful Song ,

Which I Have Sung So Wrong,

Sung It Wrong ,

Not Being Very Strong,

All This While ,

Now I Learn It ,

In This World So Exile !


Loneliness : Dark Enough

Loneliness : Dark Enough

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Is it lonely ? Or is dark?
Deprive me of this puzzled park,

I don’t know what to do,
I don’t know where to start,
There in that dreary shadow;
Lies my heart,

So ,
I stand here blinded,
With all my senses binded,

But I ain’t that stupid ,
And ain’t too wise ,
Just a little perplexed
when this question arise ,

Is it lonely? Or is it dark?
Therefore I cannot
” Make My Mark” !!!