That Monsoon Myth

That Monsoon Myth

It Was Pouring Heavily ,

He Was Staring Steadily ,

Trying To Catch Her Eye,

As He Breathed A Sigh , 

When She Finally Looked At Him ,

 Under The Light So Dim,

The Downpour Didn’t Let Her , 

By Forming A Damp Fur ,

Let Her , See Him Clearly ,

But Then ,

He Walked To Her Readily ,

Offering A Shelter ,

Under His Umbrella ,

In A Perfect Weather , 

With Such Kindness , He Stole Her Heart ;

He Had Already Given His ,

In The Start ,

But Then It All Came Back ,

That Heartbreak , That Whack ,

Which She Had Faced In Past ,

Thus , 

Putting Down Her Mast, 

She Slowly Walked Away ,

Finding A Lonely Way,

But He Didn’t Let Her Go,

He Had Figured Out Her Woe, 

Between Those Unspoken Words ,

The Two Very Different Worlds,

Held Hands Tightly ,

And The Darkness Began To Fade ,

Lightly ………….!