That Monsoon Myth

That Monsoon Myth

It Was Pouring Heavily,

He Was Staring Steadily,

Trying To Catch Her Eye,

As He Breathed A Sigh, 

When She Finally Looked At Him,

 Under The Light So Dim,

The Downpour Didn’t Let Her, 

By Forming A Damp Fur,

Let Her, See Him Clearly,

But Then,

He Walked To Her Readily,

Offering A Shelter,

Under His Umbrella,

In A Perfect Weather, 

With Such Kindness, He Stole Her Heart;

He Had Already Given His,

In The Start,

But Then It All Came Back,

That Heartbreak, That Whack,

Which She Had Faced In Past,


Putting Down Her Mast, 

She Slowly Walked Away,

Finding A Lonely Way,

But He Didn’t Let Her Go,

He Had Figured Out Her Woe, 

Between Those Unspoken Words,

The Two Very Different Worlds,

Held Hands Tightly,

And The Darkness Began To Fade,