Turn Off Those Lights,

Escaping From The Bright,

For A While,

Enter The Dark Room,

Free The Firefly,

 From The Gloom 

Let It, Shine,

Do Not Whine,

That Fire-Fly Inside,

It’s Dim And Darkly Dyed,

But When The Night Falls,

Shatter Down Those Dreary Walls,

Walls Which  Traps The Firefly,

Little Fireflies,

Maybe, shimmery Butterflies,

Whatever They Are,

Like A Gleaming Scar,

Don’t Trap It,

Never Cage It,

It Is Inside You, Inside Me

So, Set Them Free!




Tell Me What To Do
When The Things Turn Blue
Standing In The Dark Room
Facing A Painful Doom
From The Days Of Glory To This Dim Phase
Leads To A Feeling Of Getting Dazed
When The Ray Of Hope Begins To Fade
It Almost Shatters The Dreams We Made

When The Things Turn Blue
Facing It Is All I Do
As Weeping, Repenting Seems A Waste Of Time,
Hoping This Downfall Will Help Me To Shine,
Push The Gear And Opening My Eyes
Making Me Focused And Highly Determined

Thus Positive Energy Begins To Flow
When The Things Have Errors, Don’t Feel Low
Take A Moment
Take A Breath
You Are Still To Reach To Reach The Gate Of Death!
So Till That Time, Do Not Whine
Work On The Things That Made You Wrong,
And This Will Make You Even More Strong

So Now When The Things Turn Blue,
Lighting A Candle Of Faith In A Dark Room,
Is All That You And Me Have To Do………..


Lost to fate.

Lost to fate.

I come to a land,
Where I can’t stand,
This is not the place I thought,
For which I had intently fought,

Partly by the pressure,
I am  away from my treasure
Partly because of my own act
My journey seems to be intact
Even before it started
It feels like it has ended

Far and far away from my road,
My heart carries a heavy load
As this path downpours my ecstasy,
Is it really paved for my destiny?

The king speaks

The king speaks

I am the lion kings of kings
Now behind the bars, I shrink
Remembering the days of glory
So I come forward to tell my story,
Once I lived in the green forest
Roaming freely without arrest
Roaring, howling in and around
Loved hearing my echoed sound
With my family living in a den
Lost them when I was sent
In the huge prison of fears
My boost started losing its gear
Weaker and weaker,
Day by day
From the king of the forest, a slave I became

People come and admire me
But my heart is total happiness free,
This life behind the steel bars
Takes my depression far and far,

Please help me to retrieve those days
Where I followed my own ways
Roaring, howling In and around
Now missing my deep echoed sound

Thinking over it.

Thinking over it.
To stay over and enhance
Or switch to CHANGE
Exploring a diverse range
Hold up the devotion
Following the by-gone notion
Or rather break those chains
Declaiming the vainTake a chance or opt for a change ;
Stay over and enhance or explore the range,LET the time freeze,
LET it continue in ease
Or LET it flow by
And LET it modify

So ‘think’-over
To ‘stay’-over
Or simply ‘change‘- over!

A gentle throwback!

A gentle throwback!

A retreat from the world so wide,
And One should often go for a ride
A peaceful stroll on a weary road,
Gathering and capturing that nostalgic load!

Remembering ‘ the time went-by’,
Ignored, unnoticed
Tattered memories lie,
And a slight look at it,
Makes our heart sigh!

But our mind is tamed,
And the flashback is slained,
The recollection is paused
Then the ‘Reality Check’ is caused;

But one fails to comprehend,
That this undertone mends,
The inner conflict rising in our soul,
And  simply soothes us in
‘this  present moment’
So morose!