The True You

The True You

Thousands Of Layers On,
Concealing The Brightening Dawn,
You Depict Your Untrue Colors,
Which Makes You Even More Duller,
Not In The Eyes Of The World,
But In Your Own Heart,
When With Your True Self, You Part

And I Want To See You,
The Truthful You,
The Illuminated You,
 These Unseen Eyes Search You Everywhere,

So, Find Me In the Dark Night,
And I’ll Be Your Light,
Because How Much Ever You Try To Hide,
I Am Here To Uncover Your Windy Side.


That Monsoon Myth

That Monsoon Myth

It Was Pouring Heavily,

He Was Staring Steadily,

Trying To Catch Her Eye,

As He Breathed A Sigh, 

When She Finally Looked At Him,

 Under The Light So Dim,

The Downpour Didn’t Let Her, 

By Forming A Damp Fur,

Let Her, See Him Clearly,

But Then,

He Walked To Her Readily,

Offering A Shelter,

Under His Umbrella,

In A Perfect Weather, 

With Such Kindness, He Stole Her Heart;

He Had Already Given His,

In The Start,

But Then It All Came Back,

That Heartbreak, That Whack,

Which She Had Faced In Past,


Putting Down Her Mast, 

She Slowly Walked Away,

Finding A Lonely Way,

But He Didn’t Let Her Go,

He Had Figured Out Her Woe, 

Between Those Unspoken Words,

The Two Very Different Worlds,

Held Hands Tightly,

And The Darkness Began To Fade,




Turn Off Those Lights,

Escaping From The Bright,

For A While,

Enter The Dark Room,

Free The Firefly,

 From The Gloom 

Let It, Shine,

Do Not Whine,

That Fire-Fly Inside,

It’s Dim And Darkly Dyed,

But When The Night Falls,

Shatter Down Those Dreary Walls,

Walls Which  Traps The Firefly,

Little Fireflies,

Maybe, shimmery Butterflies,

Whatever They Are,

Like A Gleaming Scar,

Don’t Trap It,

Never Cage It,

It Is Inside You, Inside Me

So, Set Them Free!



Surrounded By The Negativity,

Neglecting Every Festivity,

You Seem To Be Busy,

Dug Inside Your Work,

Elsewhere Your Mind Lurks,

So Here I Ask You,

Your  Heart May Not,

 But Is Your Mind  Free Too?

No Time To Give,

No Moments To Live,

Your Company Isn’t Priceless,

Your Thoughts Aren’t Flawless,

You Are Captivated By The Flow,

Aimlessly You Row,

Permitting The Slavery,

Hiding The Bravery,

So Let Me Ask You Again,

Are You Really Independent?

Awakening the Exile

Awakening the Exile

Let Me Be Little For A While,

Let Me Live My Life In Exile,

Loneliness Is Keeping Me A Company,

Because  I Really Desire

Its Silent Symphony ;

This Piece Of Time,

I Need It For A While,

Spending It With Nature,

Admiring Its Features,

Away From Everyone,

I Am Listening To Someone,

Singing A Soulful Song,

Which I Have Sung So Wrong,

Sung It Wrong,

Not Being Very Strong,

All This While,

Now I Learn It,

In This World So Exile!

No One’s A Loser

No One’s A Loser

When We Lose, We Are Not The Looser,
We Contribute Our Victory,
To The Winner,

When We Give-Up,
Somewhere Someone’s Head Rises-Up,
When There’s A Setback,
We Gently Put Our Patience Into Their Sack,
When Our Night Falls,
On Them, A Dawn Would Befall,
Which Provides Them With The Morning Light,
Only From Our Dark – Deprived Sight,

Dare You Call Us A Loser,
We’ve Contributed To That Winner,
By Taking Away His Failure,
And In That Lies A Real Valor.

Words To Life

Words To Life

Life Doesn’t Stop,

It’s We Who Drop,

The Hope Of Living Life,

 For A Momental Strife,

Be Patient, And Do Not Let Yourself Sink,

In The Sea Of Sorrows,

Just Sit And Think,

That Life Hasn’t Stopped,

So Why Do You Need To Drop?


Living In Hard Times Is Difficult I Know,

But That’s Called Life,

So  Let It Flow,

Dive Into The Beauty,

Danger And Discovery,

Search For That Door,

That Could Lead You To The Recovery,

Open Your Eyes,

And Observe The Nature,

Because Of All This Time,

You Have Been A Traitor,

There Isn’t Always A Happy Ending,

But There Would Be Memories Too,

Which Will Keep On Descending,



Don’t Stop Your Life,

For A Momental Strife,

Because When Life Hasn’t Stopped,

And I Know,

You’re Not Going To Drop,